Hi, I'm Graham Harper and I design software at IBM Studios Dublin. As a member of the IBM Watson Health design team I focus on front-end development and UX design. You can find out more about IBM Design.

Before IBM, I worked for Magnet where I led design and front-end development at Aertv, a startup dedicated to building the future of TV. In 2010 I graduated from Dublin City University with an Honours Degree in Multimedia. After a brief stint in the creative agency world producing creative campaigns for clients like Diageo, Danone and GSK I moved on to working on digital products.

I've always been a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, dabbling in mobile app design, motion-graphics, video production, animation and multimedia installations but my focus (if you could call it that) is on design and web development. I mostly enjoy working at the intersection of design and development where I can take a holistic approach to solving real problems. It provides fantastic opportunities for collaboration and bridging the gap between the disciplines.

When I'm not at work designing, I'm at home designing. When I'm not doing that I enjoy playing music (I'm a frequent drummer, occasional guitarist and rarely a saxophonist), drinking craft beer, playing Ultimate (Frisbee) and volunteering (which has brought me to some fascinating countries).

I live in Dublin, Ireland with my wife Cathriona and our cat Django (the "D" is silent).