Aertv Back To Basics

Aertv Back To Basics was a series of live music videos of Irish band performing in interesting locations.

This was one of my first solo projects I worked on from start to finish. It loaded videos via ajax from our video library and then through a combination of jQuery and the Player API allowed users click on videos to load them in the player without a page refresh. The URL was also updated using a fragment identifier to retain the ability to link directly to videos. This is obviously very important for sharing.

The design pictured here has changed slightly since its original incarnation but it still retains some of the original design goals such as simplicity, deference and the championing of the content.

The project also involved designing the identity and logo for the series. There are two logos, the original for Series 1 and a variation designed for Series 2. As you can see one of the goals for the Season 2 version was to assert Back To Basics as part of Aertv.

Season 1 logo
Season 2 logo