Aertv for iOS

During the summer of 2013 I worked on the Aertv app for iOS. I lead the project from start to finish, collaborating with our iOS developers and our API developers. Together we worked on the UX and wireframes of the app and then I produced the complete visual design for the app and delivered the assets to our developers.

Early on we knew we wanted to make a simple and easy to use app that that focussed on what was on now, rather than discovery of content coming in the future. We looked at a typical use-case of a mobile device, which is "I have some free time, give me something to watch now" or another one already popular with Aertv users "Someone else is using the TV, I want to watch my show at the same time".

This is how we came up with the Now-Next programme guide. I decided to use established iOS UI conventions that people would be used to but were also quick and easy to build. The list view was able to be used on both iPhone and iPad.

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